What is Relay Direct?

RELAY Direct is a Delivery-as-a-Service (DaaS) company that provides delivery drivers on-demand.

We can dispatch one of our Relay Riders for any delivery customers desire fulfilled within a 2 mile radius in our districts (currently NYC, Hoboken, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Miami).

Your 5 first deliveries are at the guaranteed price of $5.75. After the 5 first deliveries, we will provide a quote with a dynamic price based on our available resources.

For each delivery you will be prompted to enter the address of the customer and we will give you a quote. Once you accept the quote, we will dispatch a courier to pick up the order!

All our couriers are background checked and paid hourly.

How does Relay Direct work?

Login and request a delivery by entering the address from which you want your order picked up and the address where it will be delivered to. We will let you know if the address(es) are within range and what the price will be. Please always remember to leave a gratuity for our couriers :).

What is the difference between Relay and Relay Direct?

RELAY is a delivery service for restaurants. We work directly with restaurants to enable them to offer delivery on their native channels (website, app, phone) as well as their 3rd party channels by using ‘self-delivery’ on all major delivery apps (DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub, etc.).

RELAY provides an integration with all your channels to automatically send a courier once you received an order, without any action on your part!

Relay Direct is still the same Relay couriers fulfilling deliveries, but not only for our direct restaurant partners, and not only for food ordering channels. With Relay Direct, anyone in our markets can leverage our delivery fleet to have something delivered.

How does Relay work?

Relay provides a web app for merchants to manage their deliveries in one place and take back control of their delivery operations. The Relay dashboard can ingest orders from over 150 order sources, from 3rd party platforms to native websites to simple phone calls. Restaurants leveraging Relay pay half commission on 3rd party apps, keep their customer delivery fees, and retain customer data on orders.

Our sales team will guide you through the transition from using your own delivery drivers or drivers provided by 3rd parties to Relay Riders.

How can you partner with RELAY?

Please reach out to us here